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Tools for plastic

We are present at the home and the foreign markets as well. Such as direct suppliers or through the pieces that are made with our tools

Production program:

Tools for metal forming:
- blanking
- deep drawing
- bending

Tools for plastic processing:
- injection molding
- extruding
- blow molding

Tools for rubber forming

Tools for wax models for precision casting

Finished products

Production of individual metal and plastic parts and their serial production as well

Tools for injection molding and blow molding:

"Wall" for chicken hatchery
Injection molding tool for coffe spoon with 20 cavities

Egg holder
Blow molding tool, with a volume of 3 liters

Advertisement box
Injection molding tool for scissors
Injection molding tool for baby bath tub
Injection molding tool for bottle handle with 8 cavities

Plastic parts made with our tools:

smrtovnica vicevi horoskop knjige